The Extras you need for your hospital birth bag

It’s baby time!!! Hope your hospital bag is packed!

You’ve waited 9 long months and now its finally time to meet your baby. With so much to prepare (and the unknown of when baby will actually come) it can be easy to procrastinate packing the hospital bag. Even women having home births often find they are late ordering their birth kits. 

Sometimes too late…. Don’t let that be you!!

Knowing what you will need or want at the hospital is tough sometimes. We know we need clothes, toiletries, car seat (and make sure that’s installed early!) and items for baby. But what about the things you don’t really need but would make a huge difference in your labor and hospital stay? 

As a doula, creating a safe and calm environment for women to birth in is one of my top priorities. It’s wonderful that more and more hospitals are remodeling and creating a more home-like atmosphere for laboring moms but even then its the smallest touches from home that make the biggest difference. Here are some things to consider for your next birth..

  • Photographs (Sonogram pictures can be especially motivating during labor)
  • Music (an app on your phone or Ipod can be a wonderful comfort measure)
  • Pillows/blankets (the hospital will have these of course, but there’s nothing like your own pillows (and you can’t have too many!)
  • Battery operated candles (these add a nice touch  if you are a candle lover and really help create a calm atmosphere)
  • Aromatherapy (if you use EOs this is a must! Peppermint in particular for nausea and any oil that makes you happy!)
  • Lip balm and hair ties 
  • Bendy straws (you will need to drink drink drink! Bendy straws make it possible in any position!)
  • Battery powered fan 
  • Birth ball/peanut ball (most hospitals have these but if not you can usually bring your own)
  • Phone charger, Camera and extra batteries
  • Disposable underwear (the not-so-glamorous part of giving birth, but these will be your lifesaver for while)  
  • Extra clothes for your partner/support person

And last but not least….

Your birth plan

This last one is so important so that your birth team is all on the same page. Chances are there will be shift changes during the course of labor and having your birth plan will eliminate the need to discuss your wishes over and over. I recommend putting a copy right into your bag so you can make sure it will be with you at the hospital when you need it the most. Some women even laminate theirs and I love this idea! 

Now that your bag is packed, sit back and relax! When baby comes you will be ready to rock your birth!! 

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